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By Bobbi Silten, Shared Value Initiative, November 2018

Innovating for Shared Value at Work

Shared Value Initiative, October 2018

By Bobbi Silton, Managing Director, Shared Value Initiative, August 2018

Applaud the Changemakers Because Change is Hard

Insuring Shared Value

By Nina Jais, Associate Director, FSG, June 2017

Women are the Change Makers

By Bridge International Academics, May 10, 2017

Introducing the Corporate Racial Equity Advantage

By Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and CEO, PolicyLink & Mark Kramer, Founder and Managing Director, FSG, February 2017

Shared Value Champions

In conversation with Casssian Drew, Asia Pacific Regional Director, Positive Impact Partnerships, Palladium, February 2017

Insuring Shared Value

By Nina Jais, January 2017

How healthcare companies win in the new Sustainable Development Goals era

By Leith Greenslade, December 2016

Discovery Health incentivizes doctors to get healthy for their own sake and that of their patients

By Jonathan Broomberg, CEO, Discovery Health, December 2016

How a Community-Based Strategy Helped Kirin Create Shared Value

In conversation with Masaya Hayashida,  Executive Officer & General Manager, Kirin, December 2016

The Ecosystem of Shared Value in India

By Mark Kramer & Mark W. Pfitzer

Harvard Business Review, October 2016

How Shared Value Is Different from Corporate Social Responsibility

By Scott Dille, Team Leader at Novo Nordisk, June 16, 2015

Innovating for Shared Value

By Marc Pfitzer, Valerie Bockstette, Mike Stamp, Angela Barmettler

Harvard Business Review, September 2013

Shared Value in Emerging Markets

Report by Greg Hills, Patty Russell, Veronica Borgonovi, Alex Doty, Lakshmi Iyer

CSR & Creating Shared Value

Whitepaper by Carol Moore

The New Role of Business in Global Education

Report By FSG

Creating Shared Value in India

Report by Veronica Borgonovi, Simon Meier, Manjari Sharda, Lalitha Vaidyanathan

When Is Business At Its Best?

Video on Business is at its best when it competes 

Creating Shared Value

By Michael E. Porter, Mark Kramer

Harvard Business Review, 2011

CSV: A How-to Guide for the New Corporate (R)evolution

Report By Valerie Bockstette and Mike Stamp

Measuring Shared Value

By Michael E. Porter, Greg Hills, Marc P tzer, Sonja Patscheke, and Elizabeth Hawkins



Michael Porter, Professor, Harvard Business School at the #PorterPrize 2017 on May 24, Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai.

At the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York, Devex Impact Associate Editor Adva Saldinger asked sector executives their views on shared value.

Michael E. Porter sees huge opportunity for corporations in using capitalism to address societal needs & challenges

Creating Shared Value is not an option, its the future.

Dr. Sandeep Goyal on “Role of Corporations in Enhancing Prosperity” at the Dialogue on “Economics of Prosperity and Strategy in India”


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GNFC Neem Project: The Eco System of Shared Value (Ivey Publishing & Harvard Business Publishing)
JSW Steel: Shared Value at Vijayanagar Steel Plant (Ivey Publishing & Harvard Business Publishing)
VisionSpring in India: Enabling Affordable Eyeglasses for the Poor (Ivey Publishing & Harvard Business Publishing)
Boond: Enabling Access to Energy Solutions for Rural India

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