Shared Value Summit 2018

Achievement of SDG’s through collaborative approach

The UN Sustainable Development Goals built on the success of Millennium Development Goals have kickstarted a global movement to address the pressing issues that the world is facing today. The achievement of these goals is dependent on the commitment from world leaders, businesses and society to build a more sustainable, safer and prosperous planet. Shared Value Initiative aims to act as one of the platforms for the execution of multiple initiatives that push a region, state or country towards the achievementof the goals via scalable and replicable solutions.

Shared Value Summit 2018 is the fourth cohort of the summit which is conducted by the Shared Value Initiative India. The theme for this year’s summit is “Goals to Transform Our World.”The summit brings together all the stakeholders who can enable and support each other to create shared value.

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Advocating the power of clusters in enhancing regional economic development, investigating the linkages between innovation capabilities and cluster formation, and exploring the social dimensions of cluster development.

The development of cities has profound impact on rural and urban economies, level of inequality, as well as environment. This panel will talk about creating cities that are not socially and environmentally deleterious.

Industry investments and collaborations between businesses and government aimed at bridging the digital divide can foster innovation and entrepreneurship and help in finding solutions to economic and social challenges.

Story Telling in the context of Shared Value

Targeting the most critical challenges – poverty, hunger and water scarcity by working at the grassroot level.

Moving beyond the traditional philanthropic model and building innovative learning solutions for children that can be adapted and scaled around the world, thus Creating Shared Value.

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