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Become a Partner – SVII

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Shared Value Initiative India embraces shift towards conscious capitalism by creating awareness among companies, civil society and government organizations to leverage the power of market-based competition in addressing social problems. The leaders and organizations need to acknowledge that adoption of shared value approach is necessary to differentiate the positioning and gain competitive advantage.
The initiative envisions mentoring, networking and knowledge support to those who are engaged in creating shared value. Our partnership program has been designed to support the shared value goals of the organizations in India. This association enables access to a platform comprising the best resources. Being a partner of SVII, you will learn and contribute to the practice, stay informed about the latest thinking and practice models, and connect with the cross-industry peers. The partners will have the exclusive opportunity to become a part of the shared value movement and the network shaping the future of shared value practice in India thereby establishing a major competitive advantage.
Founding Partnership is by invitation only and will include organizations who are leaders in the field of shared value creating shared value in India.

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  • Shared value workshop
  • Learning opportunities including executive briefings
  • Access to industry experts for speaking engagements or meetings
  • Participation in leadership round-tables and working groups
  • Participation in online forums and webinars

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  • Access to research insights, projects and case studies.
  • Contribute to research programs

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  • Listing on online referral directory
  • Profiling your expertise
  • Networking opportunities with practice leaders and enthusiasts from the companies across industries, civil society and government organizations in India

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  • Invitations to participate in events and forums
  • Sponsorships and speaking opportunities
  • Social networking events
  • Discounted rate to attend the Shared Value Initiative Leadership Summit, events and forums

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  • Profile your brand and achievements via the SVII website, key events and forums
  • Contribute case studies and articles regarding your organization’s shared value initiatives and success outcomes

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  • Connect with shared value stakeholders around the related social issues
  • Participate in working groups

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  • Contribute in making Shared Value a strong and resilient practice
  • Contribute your thinking, learning and ideas at the leadership leve

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The corporate CXOs, government, media, investors, academic communities and civil society leaders who have shown stewardship in their business interests as well as the communities in which they operate would be eligible for the partnership.
The fee is structured to ensure the sustainability of the Shared Value Initiative India in terms of rigor and impact while enabling the participation of all types of high-impact organizations.
Support commitment is for a minimum of three years & membership fee is to be paid annually. 

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  • Participation in Business Model workshop for the CSR team (2-3 nominations)
  • THINKERS magazine
    • Interview with the CEO and/or CSR head on Sustainability practices and business models and publishing the same in THINKERS issue
  • Connect with leaders in the Shared Value Field
    • Invite for one representative at SVII’s workshops and events
  • Gain Shared Value knowledge and tools
    • Receive monthly shared value updates
    • Contribute to research programs
  • Access to individuals and organizations that advance your work
    • Tailored connections to individual practitioners in other leading shared value organizations
  • Access to Global Linkages & Networks
    • Opportunity to connect with global thinkers and leaders in the shared value space
  • Shared Value Enterprise Certification
    • Participate in the assessment for the certification of a Shared Value Enterprise at a discounted price



  • All benefits of the Associate level membership
  • Organizational Shared Value accelerator
    • Featuring a business case study across Shared Value platforms
  • Expanded presence and visibility in the events organized by SVII
    • Invite for two representatives at SVII’s events & workshops
  • Access to Global Linkages and Networks
    • Opportunity to participate in Annual Shared Value Summit held in USA & Australia at a discounted price



All benefits of both the Associate & Supporter level membership plus the following
  • Shared Value Enterprise
    • Stage 1 and Stage 2 assessment for the certification of a Shared Value Enterprise including evaluation, feedback report, leadership presentation and top management level action plan workshop
      Thought Leadership
    • Inputs from SVII on enhancing organisation’s shared value strategy
  • Organizational Shared Value Accelerators
    • Two business case studies to be featured across Shared Value platforms
  • Access to Global Linkages & Networks
    • Opportunity to nominate organization’s CEO/Chairman for Shared Value Initiative CEO Advisory Board



  • All benefits of Associate, Supporter & Executive Council membership plus the following
  • Thought Leadership
    • Opportunity to shape themes & content for SVII’s Leadership Summit
  • Organizational Shared Value Accelerators
    • Three business case studies to be featured across Shared Value platforms
    • Writing a book covering the Organization’s Shared Value journey, success stories and learnings
  • Expanded Presence and Visibility
    • Invite for seven representatives at SVII’s events and workshops
    • Enhanced brand visibility by getting displayed as “In Association with XYZ” across all events conducted by SVII
  • Access to Global Linkages and Networks
    • Linkages to global and regional conferences
  • Workshops
    • Conducting three tailored shared value workshops for the organization



  • Membership benefits of all the levels plus the following
  • Thought Leadership
    • An exclusive partner position in SVII
  • Organizational Shared Value Accelerators
  • Expanded Presence and Visibility
    • Invite for nine representatives at SVII’s events and workshops
    • Enhanced brand visibility by getting displayed as “XYZ Presents” across all events conducted by SVII
    • Naming of SVII as “XYZ Shared Value Initiative India”
  • Access to global linkages and networks
    • Opportunity to nominate organization’s CEO/Chairman for Shared Value Initiative CEO Advisory Board


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Abbott (Executive Council)


Abbott is a worldwide broad based healthcare company whose products and technologies span the continuum of care – from diagnostics to devices, from nutrition to pharmaceutical therapies. Its line of products encircles life itself – addressing important health needs from infancy to the golden years. Abbott is known for its innovative products and a commitment to applying leading edge science and technologies to advance patient care. Its product and services are designed to maintain reputation for high quality and optimal performance

Essar Foundation (Supporter)


Essar Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Essar committed to maintaining the highest standards of CSR in its business activities and aims to make a difference to the communities around its area of operations. Essar Foundation collaborates with key stakeholders, especially the local administration and institutions to facilitate development with initiatives in education, livelihoods, women’s empowerment and health. It impacts more than a million lives positively across 500 villages in eight states of India.

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (Associate)

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) is a global network of organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets. ANDE members provide critical financial, educational, and business support services to small and growing businesses (SGBs) based on the conviction that SGBs will create jobs, stimulate long-term economic growth, and produce environmental and social benefits. Ultimately, we believe that SGBs can help lift countries out of poverty. 

Oxfam India (Associate)


Oxfam India works primarily through grassroots organisations to bring deep-rooted sustainable changes in people’s lives. We work for the poorest and the socially excluded communities by mobilising them to campaign for greater economic and social reforms. Oxfam India’s vision is to help create an equal, just and sustainable society by empowering the underprivileged. It believes in the ‘Right to Life with Dignity for All’. This is fulfilled by engaging empowered citizens to become active and supportive partners, advocating an effective and accountable State and making markets work for the underprivileged.

Mother Dairy (Associate)


Mother Dairy was commissioned in 1974 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). It was an initiative under Operation Flood, the world’s biggest dairy development program launched to make India a milk sufficient nation. Over the years, Mother Dairy has contributed significantly in achieving this objective through a series of innovations and programs. The Company also has a diversified portfolio with products in edible oils, fruits & vegetables, frozen vegetables, pulses, processed food like fruit juices, jams, etc. to meet the daily requirements of every household.

ReachScale (Associate)

ReachScale aligns the social responsibility goals of corporations with high potential social entrepreneurs working in areas of common interest. The organisation is a response to the number of exciting and visionary social entrepreneurs with scalable impact models that lack an organic path to funding and growth. By coupling the talent, leadership and financial resources of corporations with the innovative, high impact potential of a social enterprise, the underutilized resources and networks of both ecosystems are catalyzed.

Roland Berger (Associate)


Roland Berger Strategy Consultants is a top player in the premier league of international consultancies. They serve top clients on challenging assignments in the global market.

Their office in India was opened in 2012. Their local experts have a deep understanding of the country’s culture and approach to business. As part of their global network they share common professional values such as entrepreneurship, partnership and excellence.

Sealed Air (Associate)


Sealed Air has division in food care, diversey care, product care & medical applications.  Their goal is to protect a growing world with sustainable solutions that improve food safety and security. Helping create a cleaner, healthier environment and safeguarding businesses against damage and loss. They don’t just sell products. Instead, they are a knowledge-based provider backed by thousands of scientists, engineers, equipment, application and industry experts, and state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for customers.

SoulAce Social Venture (Associate)


SoulAce Social Venture is amongst the first professional organisation specializing in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in India. We assist companies in developing, implementing, and evaluating relevant CSR and Sustainability programmes. In the past 5 years we have worked with several Central Public Sector Enterprises, Multi Nationals Companies, Large Indian Business House, Medium Enterprises and Non Governmental Organizations to mainstream CSR through conducting CSR Baseline and Need Assessment Studies resulting in identification of sustainable and need based projects, Implementation of the programmes and 3rd Party Evaluation of CSR initiatives of the clients.


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