Shared Value Program is introduced by Shared Value Initiative India in partnership with Shared Value Initiative.
Increasingly companies are opting for business models that link societal development and business success at the core of their business strategy. Shared Value goes beyond Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility and paves a new way to achieve economic success and create social impact. This innovative program will bring together senior business leaders in addressing society’s challenges and problems through a profitable business model. The program aims to bring fore that Shared Value approaches are not about incremental improvements rather they define a new basis of competition.
The program will empower the professionals to create shared value by rethinking the intersection between society and corporate performance. The program will provide innovative tools and techniques to execute shared value strategies, as well as actual examples of innovative organizations who have successfully implemented shared value.
The customized two-day  program will be held on 9th and 10th March 2016.

Program Deliverables

The program will take your skills of making profit by creating a positive impact on society to the next level. Shared Value as a concept is applicable across industries and represent some of the most significant growth & profitability opportunities.
In this stimulating program, you will:
  • Gain and deepen your knowledge of shared value concepts
  • Incorporate societal impact into your organization’s business strategy to improve growth, profitability, innovation, and competitive advantage
  • Develop an effective Shared Value strategy that builds social purpose into your corporate mission
  • Learn from best practice methodologies to redesign your own shared value initiatives
  • Implement Shared Value across your organization

Key Focus Areas

  • In-depth explanation of the shared value concept and how it is transforming the way business looks at society
  • Companies can create Shared Value at three levels: by reconceiving products and markets, by redefining productivity in the value chain, and by enhancing the business environment in the locations where the company operates.
  • Unlock value by linking social problems and business growth
  • Creating measurable business value by identifying and addressing social problems that intersects with operation of a business
  • Measuring positive outcomes allow companies to maximize opportunities for innovation, growth, and social impact at scale.

Who should attend this course

The shared value program is essential for corporate senior executives who are engaged in strategy formulation and development of new businesses. In addition, the program is appropriate for non-profit or government leaders who are interested in forging strategic business partnerships.
The diverse mix of participants will reflect a broad range of industries, functions, countries, and backgrounds to enrich the learning experience. There is no eligibility criteria for the education background but admission to the program is based on the professional achievement and organizational responsibility.

Registration & Fee

The program will be led by experts on shared value practices and tools. The organizations with trained shared value professionals will be able to advance their journey for shared value creation.
Program participants will receive a certificate by Shared Value Initiative India & Shared Value Initiative.
Fee for the certification is INR 100,000 plus taxes (the fee includes course material, food & lodging)
Upon confirmation of your acceptance for the shared value program, the initiative will forward you an invoice.
We suggest you to book your seats in advance so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity.
Register before 31 January 2016 to avail early bird discount.

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