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Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer introduced the concept of shared value in their research article published in Harvard Business Review during Jan-Feb 2011. Shared Value Imperative is driven by the objective to bring together the leaders who find business opportunities in societal challenges. In 2012, it was announced as a Commitment to Action for the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting
Activity areas are

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Widening the scope of understanding by publishing the precise information about shared value under its research agenda. The information would be disseminated in the form of reports, case studies, blogs, newsletters, customized projects and whitepapers.o.

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To bring out the real-life shared value examples as well as to provide recognition to the people / organizations doing outstanding work in the field of shared value, summits and interactions would be organized. The idea is to provide a platform for taking the shared value concept to the masses.

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To amplify the agenda of shared value imperative, a professional network would be created. It would comprise of corporates, non-profit institutions, government representatives, media person, investors and academic communities having belief in the concept of shared value.

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This concept of shared value imperative has attained the widespread recognition and acceptance among the academicians, practitioners and government institutions. To widen the base and connect with the larger audience, FSG collaborated with the global network to launch the shared value initiative in 2012. The objective was to disseminate and bring forward the practical realization of the shared value concept globally by engaging the organizations around the world to be a part of the shared value community.



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