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An Update on Shared Value Initiative India: September – October 2016 – SVII

Shared Value Initiative India: September – October 2016

It is a pleasure for me to share important messages from the Shared Value Initiative India.

1. Increasing Access to Healthcare in India. Shared Value Initiative India hosted the round table in association with India Council on Competitiveness on September 1, 2016 in New Delhi. The idea for the roundtable was to evaluate the primary healthcare access related challenges in response to the focus of United Nations High Level Panel on Intellectual Property as a barrier for access to Medicine (UNHLP).The participants in the roundtable involved a diverse mix of experts from the corporates, research institutions, think-tanks, industry bodies, and government. The outcome report is available at (provide link here).

2. #PorterPrize on Creating Shared Value.  The #PorterPrize on Creating Shared Value was presented to Godrej Consumer Products and Abbott India. The award was presented by Shri Jayant Sinha, Honourable Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Government of India.

3. Shared Value Summit. We are looking forward with great enthusiasm to the forthcoming Shared Value Summit 2016 on 18 November 2016 being organised in Gurgaon.  Shared Value Summit is a platform to bring together India and global experts and practitioners from academia, corporates, think-tanks, social enterprises and NGOs. This year, the main focus of this summit will be on bringing out the discussions, stories and ideas on emerging shared value business models. You can find more about the summit at https://sharedvalue.in/svs2016/

Look forward to your continued engagement with the initiative.

Sandeep Goyal
CEO, Shared Value Initiative India


  • Roundtable on Increasing Access to Healthcare in India
  • Porter Prize winners on Creating Shared Value
  • Shared Value Summit 2016
  • HBR Publication: The Ecosystem of Shared Value
  • Opinion Pieces: Shared Value in Media

Increasing Access to Healthcare in India

A breakfast roundtable was conducted to identify the barriers and the challenges to improve access to medicines in specific and to the broader health care domain in general. The deliberation also identified solutions for the problems and further the debate on the existing ones….more

Porter Prize on Creating Shared Value

Mr. Sunil Kataria,Business Head India & SAARC received the award on behalf of Godrej Consumer Products.Commenting on the achievement, he said “We are proud of 2 things– shared value and innovation. It is heartening to see that what we have done in innovation which has led to shared value impact and award.”
Mr. Bhasker Iyer, Vice President, received the award on behalf of Abbott India. On receiving the award, he said, “We at Abbott are extremely proud of Shared Value Initiative. We are convinced that this will benefit all our stakeholders. We are extremely honored.”

Save the Date: Shared Value Sumit 2016


Harvard Business Review Publication

The Ecosystem of Shared Value

In the new Harvard Business Review article ‘The Ecosystem of Shared Value’, Mark Kramer and Marc Pfitzer recognize that companies don’t operate in isolation, and that each exists in an ecosystem where factors beyond their control limit their ability to create shared value...more

Opinion Pieces: Shared Value in India

Recent opinion pieces on Shared Value in India

  • What is Shared Value Approach and Why it Matters?….Read more
  • How is CSR Law driving the Corporates towards Shared Value Approach?….Read more

Be a Part of The Initiative

Shared Value Initiative India (SVII) is the exclusive regional partner of the Shared Value Initiative. Shared Value Initiative’s founders are Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School & Mark R. Kramer, Co-founder & MD of FSG.

SVII’s objective is to bring the realization, understanding, adoption, and implementation of the best practices for creating shared value among the organizations operating in India.

Organizations can be partners/members of SVII through various membership tiers. You can learn more about membership at https://sharedvalue.in/membership/,or you can send me an email  at sandeep.goyal@sharedvalue.in

Members of SVII

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