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Shared Value Leadership Summit 2019 – SVII

At a time of change, challenges, and growing inequality, society is increasingly looking to business to address pressing social, environmental and economic issues.  There is a growing call for corporate leaders to embrace a purpose that goes beyond profit and includes the needs of other stakeholders.  But this need for a corporate purpose must go further than a declaration and should include actions to deliver on the promise of that purpose and to create a society that helps communities, the planet and business thrive.

Join us to hear from visionary leaders who are committed to purpose and acting on it by leveraging their ideas and companies to bring innovative programs, products and new ways of operating to improve society and business.  You’ll also learn from fellow participants who represent shared value pioneers, the curious, knowledge seekers, idea generators, and committed leaders who want to make the world a more equitable, healthy and sustainable place. 

Dr. Amit Kapoor shared his thoughts at the Global Shared Value Leadership Summit organised by Shared Value Initiative from May 8-10 in Boston, Massachusetts. The detailed agenda can be looked here and complete list of speakers here.

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